Set Up In Five Steps
Step 1: Place the club
Place the club behind the ball, with its face towards the target and its sole resting on the ground.

Step 2: The stance
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and the ball slightly in front of the middle of your stance.

Step 3: Lean from the hips
Lean your upper body from the hips, making sure you bend your waist straight forwards.

Do not bend your back. It is impossible to rotate your body about a bent spine.

Use a club to check you are keeping your spine straight when you lean forwards. Hold the club head on the back of your belt so the shaft touches the back of your head. Make sure the shaft remains in contact with your head as you bend.

Step 4: Unlock your knees
Flex your legs slightly and keep your weight on the balls of your feet.

Step 5: Take your grip
Because the left hand is above the right hand in the grip, you set up with your left shoulder higher than your right. So your upper body and spine lean slightly behind the ball.

Putting your shoulders in this position ensures that your arms and hands hang in the right position to take the grip.

From this position, it is easy to turn your body and shift your weight to the right for the backswing and to the left for the follow through. This produces a nice flowing swing.